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KIDS Foundation

Lifebroker is a proud Corporate Partner and Supporter of the KIDS Foundation. Established in 1993 the KIDS Foundation is a Health Promotion Charity and national leader in childhood injury prevention and injury recovery.

KIDS Foundation Injury Recovery provides programs and facilities for children with serious burns or life-changing injuries and support for their families and carers. Through experiences that encourage family participation we provide opportunities to facilitate communication, understanding, emotional support, the sharing information and skill development.

KIDS Foundation Injury Prevention delivers quality school and community based safety education programs that develop skills to empower young people to responsibly manage risk. The programs provide a holistic approach to safety education advocating for the reduction of preventable childhood injuries and death. For further information please visit:





Greenfleet aims to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, bringing to the forefront environmental awareness of our actions and helping to develop environmentally friendly options for our future.

Launched in 1997, Greenfleet is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a simple way to offset your greenhouse emissions, by planting native forests. As they grow, 17 native trees, as part of a biodiverse forest, absorb the greenhouse gases that your car produces in one year (based on 4.36 tonnes of CO2-e for the average car), as well as providing habitat for wildlife, improving soil quality, tackling salinity and reducing erosion.

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