Our Service

We are one of Australia's leading specialist life insurance brokers. Helping people find the peace of mind that comes with being financially secure, whatever their life stage. Lifebroker has access to Australia's leading life insurance companies, which allows us to source comprehensive cover at a competitive price.

Our mission

We are committed to helping Australians access life insurance to ensure they are protected when they need it most. We're here to take the complication out of  life insurance and income protection, making it easy and approachable. 

Our brand promise

For some people, just contemplating life insurance can be confronting, so we aim to take the heartache out of the picture. We talk to people about the things that are most important to them - family, health, home and financial security. Our business is based on trust and positive outcomes. Life insurance is less about planning for disaster, and more about guaranteeing a positive future.

How we can help

Because we don't know all of your personal circumstances, we cannot provide you with detailed personal advice on the type and level of insurance cover that you might require, and its suitability to your needs. However, we can always provide you with the most appropriate options for the cover amounts that you select, based upon the information that you provide.

If you want more detailed advice on the type and amount of cover appropriate for your circumstances, we recommend that you talk to an adviser who will provide this full advice service. Find out more about our pre-assessment service that will help you find the right life cover quote to suit your circumstances.

We cannot advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of switching products, other than providing a comparison of premiums. Before switching any policy we recommend that you obtain more detailed advice before making a final decision.

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