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Asteron Life


Asteron Life has been specialising in life insurance for more than 175 years. In business since 1833, Asteron Life wrote the first life insurance policy in Australia and it paid the first claim soon after that. Today, the company has over 3,000 customers across Australia.


The life insurance specialists paid more than $200 million in claims in 2010, proving that they can protect their policy holders’ long-term financial security. In addition to paying life cover claims, Asteron rewards their customers the longer they stay on with the company by giving them access to the Asteron Life Wellbeing Program. This program gives policy holders access to:

  • Health assessment and tracking tools
  • Information on health and wellbeing
  • Healthy recipes and diet plans
  • Weight loss and other lifestyle programs

Asteron is today a part of Suncorp, a diversified financial services group. Suncorp is well known for being a leader in life insurance cover and other areas, operating in both Australia and in New Zealand.

Asteron Life has a strong claims record as well as a simple and efficient process of providing cover and paying claims. In 2008, the firm was given the Plan for Life/AFA Life Company of the Year award.

You can compare the premiums of Asteron Life to other providers in the market through our comprehensive quote service. There are four products to choose from, including:

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