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AXA Australia offers a comprehensive range of insurance cover products for both individuals and groups, including income, TPD, life, and trauma insurance coverage.

AXA Australia provides a wide variety of cover products that help individuals and groups to protect their income and their loved ones. In particular, AXA's Elevate provides a comprehensive insurance solution that offers policy holders reliable service and efficient claims resolution.

The insurance plans offered through AXA include:

  • TPD
  • Income
  • Life Cover
  • Trauma

The wide range of financial protection that is offered by AXA's comprehensive products cover all of the bases for those who are insured with regard to protection of assets, loved ones, and the future.

The insurer paid out over $350 million in claims last year to its individual and group policy holders. AXA has more than 1,300 financial advisers that offer its cover products to customers throughout Australia. AXA is continually improving their comprehensive line of insurance coverage in order to ensure that their protection solutions remain both contemporary and competitive.

The recent merger between AXA and AMP succeeded in bringing two of Australia’s longest standing businesses together to create a new force in insurance and financial services for consumers.

You can compare the premiums of AXA to other providers in the market through our comprehensive quote service.

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