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BT Australia

BT has been helping Australians manage and create wealth since 1969. The company offers a variety of products including a number of different insurance cover options.


BT began operations in Australia in 1969 as a subsidiary of the American merchant bank, Bankers Trust. The company was originally named Ord BT Ltd, and in 1978, it changed its name to BT Australia Ltd.Today, BT is a part of the Westpac-owned BT Financial Group, which is the largest wealth manager in Australia.


Some of the insurance cover options that are offered by BT include:


Many of BT’s insurance policies offer automatic upgrades when better features and benefits are available. One of BT’s most popular features is that their policies will automatically increase your benefits every year so that they don’t fall behind the inflation rate. And if you hold more than one policy with BT, you receive a 5% discount on your premiums.

A large part of the success of BT comes from the fact that the organisation helps its clients in taking control of their futures by both growing and protecting their wealth. The company continues to produce a strong and stable brand of leading financial and insurance coverage products.

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