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As a specialist life insurance broker, Lifebroker undertook a National Research Study in 2010, the Lifebroker Life Insurance Report 2010.

Product Research

To assist you in the decision making process we purchase actuarial research on the policies that are available in the market. When we provide your quotes we will provide you with the ratings of the policy from an independent research house, which permits you to compare based on premium and ratings to find the suitable company for your cover. This is important, and you must know that the lowest priced offering is not always the best, the old adage that you get what you pay for remains true. Note that with term life insurance there is not a lot of need for research; the policies are all the same, if you die then the amount insured is paid.

With trauma and income protection there are variables to consider. For example with trauma policies most will cover the same medical events, however it is the underlying definition of this event that will determine if you can claim or not.

We do not provide quotes for policies that have poor definitions, as our opinion is that you are better to pay a few dollars more to have the additional peace of mind of a policy with strong definitions.

With income protection there are a wide range of variables that influence the choice of policy. All insurance companies offer a no-frills and a higher grade income protection cover. We only ever quote on the higher grade polices. The definition of disability is crucial with income protection, and the more specialised your occupation, the more crucial this is.

We can provide you with the full research reports on the companies that we have recommended in your quote if you wish.

One important item to note, insurance is a competitive world, and often life companies will upgrade and alter their polices to become more competitive. Therefore what may have been a poorly rated policy 6 months ago, could now be one of the highest rated.

Through our research methods we actively monitor and track the ratings on each policy to ensure that we are always providing the most sutiable policies for a compettivie price.

We also recommend that you compare the quotes that we provide to other online brokers. If the quotes are cheaper, provide us with the policy name and we will explain why.

Oh, and if you do compare other quotes, feel free to compare the service standards and attention to detail, as this is what we are known for.

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