Why Life Insurance

We all have plans for the future but sometimes life can present us with some unexpected challenges. Life insurance can help you ensure you’re financially secure when the worst occurs.

Would your family be financially secure if you passed away or were unable to work due to illness or injury?

According to Lifewise/NATSEM’s Underinsurance 2010 report, one in five Australians families will experience the unexpected death, accident or illness of a parent. However, research undertaken by Lifebroker found that many Australians will insure their car, their home but not their most valuable asset, their income.

What do you have insured

Life insurance or personal insurance can help:

  • Cover outstanding debts and rent or mortgage payments
  • Pay for the cost of rehabilitation after a serious injury or illness
  • Provide assistance with ongoing costs of living
  • Secure your family’s financial future

Life insurance is less about preparing for the worst and more about protecting your plans for the future.

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