Experts Warn: Santa in Serious Danger

Christmas is a time to relax. For most of us it means holidays, family lunches and presents. It is a time to forget about the stresses of our jobs and focus on the lighter side of life. But not everyone puts their feet up. There is one man for whom Christmas is the most dangerous time of the year – Santa Claus.

Due to the restrictive time bracket in which he has to work, the dangers he may encounter, the inability for him to rest, and the huge range of conditions he must brave, Santa is the most at risk person on the planet over the Christmas period.

You can find out more about the dangers that Santas faces in this infographic.

The statistics paint a worrying picture. With over seven billion people worldwide, there are a vast number of households which Santa must visit. Of course, people of various faiths are not visited by the man in red, but even with this number accounted for, estimates suggest that nearly half the world’s population need their stockings stuffed.

It is not just the well behaved that receive presents; Santa’s commitment to delivering coal to those that misbehave keeps his work level at astronomical levels.

Health experts say that given the massive workload, Mr Claus is at an extremely high risk of stress-induced injury and fatigue.

However, this is only one of the smaller, controllable risks involved in his profession; there are numerous potential accidents waiting at each stop. 

Dog attacks are a constant threat, with Santa forced to navigate past over-zealous canines. He must also deal with region-specific animal threats. In rural Spain, the man in the red suit has to avoid being gored by enraged bulls, while in northern USA and Canada, his team of reindeer are known to attract grizzly bears.

The danger of physical injury does not end there. With chimney abseiling Santa’s chosen method of entry, there is a very real risk of becoming stuck, asphyxiation through smoke inhalation, and burns. Health professionals warn that even after he navigates into houses, without proper refrigeration the food left out for Santa could be carrying dangerous and debilitating bacteria. 

These are only the tip of the iceberg. Other risks include:

  • Back injury, arthritis and RSI from carrying sacks of presents;
  • Electrocution by Christmas lights;
  • Injury from storms and other weather phenomena;
  • Being impaled by reindeer antlers; and
  • Heat exhaustion.

With such a high exposure to risk experts in insurance have suggested Mr Claus talk to a broker about taking out comprehensive life insurance and income protection. With policies tailored to his specific situation, he would be able to protect himself from the dangers inherent in his chosen profession. 

By investing in the right policies, he can be sure he gets given peace of mind this Christmas.

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