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5 April 2013

New Name Featured in Disability Reform

The National Disability Insurance Scheme bill has received legislative approval, and an amendment renames the scheme “DisabiityCare Australia.”

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3 April 2013

Deaths from Heart Disease Fall

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that deaths from heart disease have fallen since 2002, but it remains Australia’s leading cause of death.

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2 April 2013

ARACY Reports on the Wellbeing of Young Australians

When compared to the status of young people in similar countries, Australian wellbeing needs improvement, especially as to obesity and early education. 

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28 March 2013

Rewarding those who strive to be healthy

Life insurers recognise the health benefits of quitting smoking & reflect this in lower premiums. They should do more & reward other health improvements.

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27 March 2013

Experts Urge More Funding For Dementia Research

Dementia research receives inadequate funding, despite the fact that dementia affects a growing population and accounts for an increasing share of spending.

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