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12 April 2013

Life Insurance and Supermarkets

John Brogden, the CEO of The Financial Services Council, recently made known his desire to have Life Insurance sold in supermarkets. Though this might seem like a surprising thing to find in your supermarket aisles, it has been done before in other countries and provides real opportunity to drive awareness about Life Insurance as a whole - but is this the answer?

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10 April 2013

Research Unveils Strongest Predictor Yet of Dementia

REM sleep behaviour disorder five times more likely to predict dementia with Lewy Bodies than risk factors currently used to diagnose the disease.

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8 April 2013

Synchron Faults FSC Approach to Churning

Synchron’s Don Trapnell faults the FSC for an anti-churning framework that lacks evidentiary support and confuses churning with policy lapse. 

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5 April 2013

New Name Featured in Disability Reform

The National Disability Insurance Scheme bill has received legislative approval, and an amendment renames the scheme “DisabiityCare Australia.”

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3 April 2013

Deaths from Heart Disease Fall

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that deaths from heart disease have fallen since 2002, but it remains Australia’s leading cause of death.

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