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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TPD Buyback?

The TPD buy-back option is an added benefit that can be purchased under a TPD policy that is linked with your life insurance policy. After you have been paid a claim under your Total and Permanent Disablement policy, this gives you the option to buy back the amount that has been deducted from your life benefit. You have the option to exercise the TPD buy-back one year after your claim was paid.

While some companies include this option as standard, others will charge you extra for it, so it is important to talk to your Lifebroker consultant when comparing cover to understand your buy-back options if your policy is linked. Unlike trauma policies, there is no reinstatement option, meaning that you can only claim once per TPD policy.

If your TPD cover is stand-alone, any claim will not affect your life insurance cover, so you won't need to think about this option.

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