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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still apply for life insurance if I have asthma?

The simple answer is ‘yes’. As an asthma sufferer, you can still apply for life insurance cover.

Over 2 million people in Australia currently live with asthma and there are many initiatives in place to help people with asthma lead perfectly normal and healthy lives. With this condition affecting such a high percentage of the population, it’s important that asthma sufferers can access life insurance.

For someone living with asthma, there are a number of things insurance companies will want to know when assessing your application for coverage. These questions work in your favour, as providing as much information as possible helps ensure you and your family will be fully covered.

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A life insurance provider will ask you whether you have any history of smoking and you will also be asked about your current smoking status. If you are a smoker or have other pre-existing health conditions, there may be loadings or exclusions placed on any life insurance policy you are offered.

You will also be asked about your treatment, how many attacks you’ve had in the past year, as well as any evidence of asthma-related hospitalisations over the past 5 years.

If you’re an asthma sufferer looking for more information about Life Insurance, give us a call on 13 54 33 to discuss your situation — our qualified consultants are here to help.


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