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Life Insurance for Hang Gliding Pilots

When completing your life insurance application, the insurer will ask you about your pastimes or hobbies. When it comes to extreme sports, the insurer will have to consider the higher risks of injury when assessing your application.

It’s likely that you will be able to get some level of life insurance cover, however, for policies providing Income Protection or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) cover, which generally cover serious illnesses or injuries, it may be difficult to gain cover without an exclusion on injuries or conditions resulting from hang gliding.Hang gliding is considered a high-risk pursuit by most insurance companies and may result in a loading or potential hang gliding restrictions (exclusions) being placed on the life insurance policy.

Some life insurers may be able to provide trauma cover for hang gliders and this may require a loading to be applied to the policy so the insurer can still cover you for conditions that may result from hang gliding.

When applying for life insurance or income protection cover, you will be asked for a few details about your hang gliding experience.

You will have to provide information on how often you hang glide each year; the locations that you hang glide; as well as the harnesses and safety equipment you normally use.

The insurer may also ask you to provide evidence of your licences and qualifications, current memberships to recognised sporting bodies, such as HGFA, and information on whether you perform accompanied or unaccompanied flights.

If you have been involved in any accidents whilst hang gliding, you will be asked about the specifics of the accident and details of any injuries you sustained.

If you’re a hang glider and are looking for more information on the Life Insurance options available to you, contact one of Lifebroker's qualified Insurance Consultants to compare life insurance options from some of Australia's leading life insurers.

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