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Tips For Working Mums | Life Insurance

4 tips for returning to work after maternity leave

Are you returning to work from maternity leave? If you’re a first time mum you may feel like there is an endless list of things to organise before you even get to work.

It does help to plan ahead and make your first day back as stress-free as possible. To help you get there, here are some great tips to help you transition back to work smoothly.

1. Childcare ‘dry run’

You’ve probably organised child care for your return to work, either through family or a local day care provider. With a new routine, come new stresses, for both you and your child. A child care ‘dry run’ is a great idea to help you work out the right timeframes and routine for you and your child. From getting dressed to packing the car and battling peak hour traffic, a ‘dry run’ can help know what’s ahead so you can arrive at work ready to go, not stressed out!

As well as the logistical basics, there are also emotional considerations for you and your child. By testing out your new routine, you’ll both get a bit more used to being apart for longer periods.

Most childcare centres are happy for you and your child to come along for trial sessions, where you can both become familiar with the surrounds and new faces.

If the grandparents are helping with the drop off, the morning might be easier, but a practice of your new morning routine definitely won’t hurt.

2. Take it easy

The first few weeks of your return to work will be a time of adjustment and most likely, utter exhaustion. As you’re finding your feet with this new routine, try to avoid taking on anything that will add to your stress quota. Be kind to yourself as you get into the swing of things.

Now that you are juggling your role in the workplace and at home, it’s important to have ’me-time’. If you feel like you need some ‘time out’, tag team with your partner or ask a friend or relative to watch your child and set aside some time each week where you can go to a café, do some gardening, head to the gym or do whatever you like.

3. Pack spare baby wipes in your bag

Pack some spare wipes you may need them to help with any last minute clean up when you discover a baby related stain on your shirt and you’re about to walk into the office. They can be a life saver!

4. Review your cover

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As your family gets used to having additional income in the household budget, you may want to look at your life insurance or income protection cover to make sure it’s still relevant for your family.

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