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Surf Life Savers and life insurance

Do you volunteer as a Surf Life Saver during the summer months? And are you wondering if it will affect your application for Life Insurance?

Volunteer Surf Life Savers don’t receive income for their time spent patrolling beaches. This means your application for Life Insurance and Income Protection (which would list your usual day job) may not be affected by the time you volunteer as a Surf Life Saver in the summer months.

Although there are a number of risks involved with working as a volunteer Surf Life Saver which arise from working outdoors, with machinery and spending a lot of time in the ocean, they aren’t usually considered serious enough to significantly impact your application for cover by the majority of insurance companies Lifebroker works with.

This would differ, however, should you begin work as a paid Surf Life Saver on a seasonal basis. If your only source of income was seasonal Surf Life Saving, you may need to provide further information about your work when applying for cover.

Many insurers require a minimum of 20 hours of work per week in order to offer Income Protection cover. If you were to work seasonally, with reduced hours during the quiet winter months, then it is possible you would find it difficult to obtain Income Protection cover as a Surf Life Saver.

If you would like further information about your insurance options, speak with one of Lifebroker’s qualified Insurance Consultants today or compare life insurance with our comparison tool.

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