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Asteron Recovery Insurance

  • 8th largest life insurer
  • $379m claims paid in 2016

Asteron Recovery policies (also known as trauma cover) are designed to pay a benefit if the policy holder suffers a listed condition, or a listed medical procedure, or becomes totally and permanently disabled.

The Recovery Package and Recovery Stand Alone products that are offered by Asteron will pay out a benefit to the person insured if they:

  • Suffer a condition that is listed in the policy;
  • Undergo a surgical procedure that is listed in the policy;
  • Become Totally and Permanently Disabled (only if this has been specifically selected when taking out the policy).

When applying for an Asteron Recovery product, like with other trauma cover options, you will select the cover amount that you would like to be paid out if one of the insured conditions occurs. This is known as the ‘Recovery Benefit’ or the ‘Recovery sum insured’. The Recovery Package will also pay a benefit if the insured dies or becomes terminally ill.

Benefits that are included in Asteron’s Recovery products include the following:

  • Recovery Benefit
  • Guarantee of Upgrade
  • Loyalty Benefits
  • Worldwide Cover
  • Partial Recovery Benefit
  • Recovery Increase Benefit
  • Buy Back Option (only available on the Recovery Package)
  • Automatic Increase Benefit
  • Funeral Advancement Benefit (only available on the Recovery Package)
  • Financial Planning Benefit
  • Premium Freeze Option (only available if stepped premium option is selected)
  • Nominated Beneficiaries (only available if the policy is self-owned)
  • Limited Death Benefit (only available on Recovery Stand Alone)
  • Future Cover Benefit (only available on Recovery Stand Alone)
  • Lifestyle Conversion Benefit (only available on Recovery Stand Alone)
  • Life Cover Conversion (only available on Recovery package)
  • Premium and Cover Suspension Benefit

To learn more, read the Asteron Product Disclosure Statement or start a comparison online now

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