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We know the world of insurance can be confusing and overwhelming, especially with the dozens of companies offering hundreds of policies in Australia. That's why at Lifebroker, it's our mission to make choosing an insurance policy easy.

We only deal with 11 of the most trusted life insurance companies in Australia. And because we have spent the past 10 years building solid relationships with these companies, they know that they're kept accountable when they offer you a quote through us.

Why these insurers?

Lifebroker deals with these companies because they have proven track records when it comes to paying out claims. We know when it comes to insurance people can be hesitant. We understand it can be difficult to put all of your trust in these companies that you may not know much about. 

We deal with these companies because they consistently pay out millions of dollars in claims each year.  These companies do not take your money for years only to deny your claim for no reason.

Does it matter if I don't disclose everything?

If claims are denied, it’s usually because people haven’t been truthful in their initial applications. It’s easy to assume they won't find out you're a smoker or a heavy drinker if you pass away in a car crash, but the truth is they often do find out. This will be the only reason that they can deny a claim.  We can say this with confidence as we consistently see hundreds of claims approved every year.

It’s best to be as truthful as possible when you’re applying for insurance. That way when it comes to claim time you will be able to claim. We guarantee the process will be smooth and easy.  We also have a dedicated claims team at Lifebroker who help you out when you need us most.

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