AIA Crisis Recovery Plan

  • 3rd largest life insurer
  • $796m claims paid in 2022

The Crisis Recovery Plan from AIA Australia will pay a lump sum to the policy holder if they are diagnosed with one or more covered illnesses.

The covered medical conditions are listed in the product disclosure statement and can include:

  • Cancer events
  • Coronary events
  • Other serious medical events

The Crisis Recovery Plan may be purchased as either a stand-alone policy or linked with an AIA life cover policy. If it is linked with an AIA Australia life cover policy, the sum insured for the crisis recovery plan may not be more than the sum insured on the life cover policy.

The Crisis Recovery Plan offers additional built-in benefits including:

  • Premium Freeze: This benefit allows you to select to pay the same premium as you paid the previous year by reducing your sum insured before the policy anniversary date.
  • Death Cover: If the insured chooses to take out Crisis Recovery as a stand-alone product, AIA Australia will pay their nominated beneficiary up to $5,000 if the policy holder passes away.
  • Benefit Indexation: This ensures that the sum insured automatically increases with inflation or by 5%, whichever is higher.
  • Chronic Diagnosis Advancement Benefit: If AIA Australia is able to confirm the diagnosis of certain crisis events, they will pay an advance payment of the Crisis Recovery benefit. A medical practitioner acceptable to AIA Australia must confirm that the policy holder has suffered or been medically diagnosed with a specific illness such as Parkinson’s Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, or Motor Neurone Disease, but has not yet met the definition of that crisis event that is outlined in the product disclosure statement . When you meet the definition of the condition, you will then receive the full amount to continue to assist you and your family.

To learn more about AIA Australia and this product, you can view the Product Disclosure Statement or start a life insurance comparison.

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