At Lifebroker we understand that your privacy is important and we respect the confidentiality of the information that you provide to us.  

Lifebroker is bound by current Australian Privacy Legislation including the Australian Privacy Principles and we take protecting your privacy very seriously.

The Lifebroker Privacy Policy helps us explain who we are and why we collect your information, to help ensure that you have a positive customer experience when we contact you.

The Privacy Policy explains:

  • How and when we collect your information;
  • How your information is used;
  • How you can access the information we hold about you; and
  • How you can update or correct your information if required.

It also provides detail on how we may share your information to be able to provide our services to you.

If you have any questions relating to privacy or need to know how to make a complaint related to privacy, the Lifebroker Privacy Policy provides the details you need to contact us for these types of enquiries. 

A summary version of the Lifebroker Privacy Policy is available if you simply want an outline of how we handle personal information.

A full version of the Lifebroker Privacy Policy sets out the details of how we collect, use, disclose and secure personal information.

If you have any privacy related questions or would like further information on Lifebroker privacy and information handling practices, please contact the Lifebroker Privacy Officer.

Lifebroker Privacy Officer
PO Box 5054  
South Melbourne VIC 3205
(03) 9285 4500