Zurich Income Safeguard

  • 5th largest life insurer
  • $390m claims paid in 2022

We've all had sick days, but what would you do if those days become weeks, months, or even years? Zurich's Income Protection insurance can help you ensure that your savings and plans for the future are secure.

Zurich offers an Income Protection product called Income Safeguard and on top of the monthly benefit, it also offers a range of other benefits and features.

Depending on your situation and how your cover is structured, premiums may also be tax deductible.

Here’s a summary of the features

Income Safeguard:

  • A Death Benefit to help cover some of the costs of a funeral if you pass away.
  • Inflation Protection to ensure your cover amount increases with inflation, at each policy anniversary provided you are not on claim. For your benefit to be indexed during a claim, you can add the Increasing Claims Option.
  • A Rehabilitation Benefit for approved rehabilitation programs, equipment or office modifications to aid your recovery and help you return to work, up to 12 times the monthly benefit.

There are also optional benefits available at an additional cost, including:

  • Super contributions option. This allows you to cover 100% of your employer super contributions, paid on top of your monthly benefit.
  • Severity booster option which increases the monthly benefit payable by 20% for specific conditions during the first 6 months on claim.
  • Future Insurability option, which allows you to increase the monthly benefits by up to 15% every year without health assessment (subject to conditions).

To learn more about the benefits and features available in Zurich’s Income Protection range, read the Product Disclosure Statement or compare income protection.

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