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We've all had sick days, but what would you do if those days become weeks, months, or even years? Zurich's Income Protection insurance can help you ensure that your savings and plans for the future are secure.

Zurich’s Income Protection will pay up to 75% of your pre-tax income until you're back on your feet and ready to work again. Depending on your situation, these premiums can also be tax deductible.

There are three levels of cover available with Zurich; Standard, Comprehensive and Premier. As well as the monthly benefit, each policy option offers a range of benefits and features:

Standard Cover offers:

  • A Funeral Benefit to help cover the costs of a funeral if you pass away.
  • Inflation Protection to ensure your cover amount increases with inflation.
  • A Rehabilitation Benefit for approved rehabilitation programs, equipment or office modifications to aid your recovery and help you return to work.
  • A Specified Injury Benefit, which waives the waiting period if you suffer from a specific injury, such as a fractured thigh or pelvis.

Comprehensive Cover offers:

  • All the benefits available with the Standard Cover option.
  • The Confined to Bed Benefit, if your illness or injury confines you to bed for more than two days in a row or if you are totally dependent on the care of a full-time nurse or personal care attendant.
  • The Special Care Benefit, which provides a payment if a direct family member is required to stop their full-time work to help care for you when you are ill or injured.      

Premier Cover offers:

  • All the benefits available with the Standard and Comprehensive Cover options.
  • An additional benefit if you experience a trauma condition covered under the Zurich Extended Trauma policy, such as a major head trauma, severe burns, a heart attack or stroke.
  • Financial support for your family if you pass away while receiving the Income Benefit.
  • Future Insurability, which allows you to increase the monthly benefits by up to 15% every year without completing another application (subject to conditions).

To learn more about the benefits and features available in Zurich’s Income Protection range, read the Product Disclosure Statement or compare income protection.

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