How much cover do I need?
Our life insurance calculator can help you determine the amount of cover you may need.
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How does this life insurance calculator work?

The calculator takes into consideration several factors to help you understand the level of cover you may need, such as:

  • Your income and how your loved ones might be immediately impacted if you were to pass away.
  • Your total mortgage
  • If you have children, the calculation also includes the cost of raising a child at different ages, including their educational costs.
  • Any other loans you may hold, such as car loans etc.
  • For Trauma insurance, the calculator also takes a look at the costs associated with the treatment of some of the most common conditions in Australia. 

Take a look at our methodology and assumptions of this calculator to learn more.

You can also calculate your Total & Permanent Disability or Trauma cover amounts with our Life Insurance calculator too.

How can I start a life insurance comparison?

Get started with the Lifebroker life insurance comparison tool where you can easily compare life insurance premiums as well as the features of each product.

Lifebroker only provides general advice, which means we haven’t considered your individual financial situation, objectives or needs. You should read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement, along with the Lifebroker Financial Services Guide to understand if the product is right for your financial situation or needs.

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