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MLC Insurance offers one of the widest ranges of products among the companies that Lifebroker works with. The insurer had a 13% life insurance market share in Australia in 2012, making it the fourth biggest insurer in the nation.

Since its establishment in 1886, MLC has passed into the hands of the National Australia Bank. The company is trusted by more than 1,800 financial and insurance advisors across Australia who work with the brand. Overall, MLC manages more than $120 billion for both individual and corporate customers in Australia.

MLC uses its immense position to support Lifeline and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research through its MLC Community Foundation, which aims to improve the mental and physical health of Australians.

With MLC’s huge range of insurance products, there’s sure to be one that fits you:

Because of the flexibility of the coverage available, you can change your level of cover along with your needs throughout different stages of life.

You can compare the premiums of MLC to other providers in the market through our comprehensive quote service.

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