Zurich FutureWise TPD Insurance

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Zurich’s FutureWise TPD (Total and Permanent Disablement) Insurance offers a lump sum should the insured policy holder suffer a total and permanent disablement.

The Total and Permanent Disablement, or TPD, cover from Zurich will pay out a lump sum of cash to the insured if they are to suffer from a total and permanent disablement. Features that are included in the policy are:

  • TPD Advancement benefit
  • Financial Planning benefit
  • Indexation Increases
  • Future Increases
  • Life Insurance Buy Back

In addition, the plan allows the policy holder to also choose from a variety of optional benefits such as a double TPD option (available if the TPD is linked to life insurance cover), a waiver of premium, and a business increase option.

The minimum sum insured amount that may be included in this cover is $100,000 with a stated maximum that is based on a variety of different policy combinations. In addition, the type of cover that may be obtained based on the disability that is suffered includes own occupation, any occupation, superannuation optimizer, domestic duties, and modified TPD.

Applicants for the Zurich FutureWise TPD Insurance must be a minimum age of 15 and a maximum age of either 60 or 65, depending upon the type of cover that is chosen. The expiry age for the policy in most cases is age 99.

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