Life insurance & Income Protection for Truck Drivers

As a truck driver, it is possible for you to access Life insurance and Income Protection, whether you drive long or short distances.

Life Insurance Quotes for Professional Drivers

As a long-haul driver applying for income protection, the insurance company may ask you for further information to understand your work on the roads. This could include the number years of experience you have as a truck driver; what qualifications you hold (for example, Heavy Vehicle License etc.); as well as the average distances you travel as part of your occupation and if you do overnight trips.

You may also be asked to provide information on any dangerous chemicals or materials that you are required to transport.

Although your options for income protection may be restricted slightly as a long haul driver, your options for life insurance, trauma and total and permanent disability cover are broader based on your occupation alone.

If you’re a short distance truck driver, there are still manual duties in this role that an insurer will consider when you apply, but your options based on your occupation are less restricted than a long-haul driver for income protection.

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