Life Insurance for Volunteer Firefighters

Life Insurance Quotes for Volunteer Firefighters

Across Australia, hundreds of thousands of Aussies volunteer with their local firefighting service. In New South Wales alone, there are over 70,000 volunteers helping to keep Australia safe.1

Whether you are currently volunteering or are considering joining one of the many fire services, you will most likely have several questions, including how it will affect your life insurance options.

If you already hold a life insurance policy with a guaranteed renewable contract, and it was before your involvement as a volunteer firefighter, then it cannot be affected by your involvement with your local fire brigade. If you don’t already have life insurance, we’re here to help.

We regularly deal with people in all manner of professions who volunteer with groups such as the Rural Fire Brigade or the St John’s Ambulance Service. Often, we are able to find policy solutions for people who volunteer their time to services outside their normal professional spheres.

Should you wish to explore your personal insurance options further, we would be happy to complete a pre-assessment on your behalf.

Simply provide us with a few details and we will be able to compare policy options from leading life insurance providers in Australia to help you find you the right Life Insurance and Income Protection policy that takes into consideration your volunteering.

Give us a call on 13 LIFE (13 54 33) today. We’re here to help.


1 NSW Fire Service

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