Income Protection Insurance for Football Players

When you play football on the weekends, from the hard hits and tackles, each game there’s more of a chance you might be injured than if you were cheering from the sidelines.

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As well as your pastimes, the insurer will also ask you for information about your smoking status, lifestyle and medical history and this all contributes to the level of cover available to you.When applying for income protection as a football player, the insurer will consider this activity when assessing your application for cover. It may mean that a loading is applied to your policy, to ensure you can still be covered and play footy each weekend.

Below is an example of some of the likely conditions that may apply to a policy for an amateur football player:

  • A 25% increase (or loading) to the Income Protection premium. This additional amount on your monthly premium means that you would be covered for an illness and injury both on and off the field if there are no other changes to the cover base on your or your family’s medical history or your occupation.
  • A 90-day wait for football related injuries: Depending on to how your Income Protection policy has been established (e.g. with a 30 day waiting period), this option allows you to make a claim for illness or injury as normal however specifies that there will be a 90 day wait for any football related injuries.
  • Exclusion on football: This would be an exclusion for injuries or conditions resulting from your participation in football on your policy. If this is the only revised term of your policy after you have completed a full application, there wouldn’t be any loadings or increases to your premium but you would not be able to claim for an injury that occurred while you were playing football

If you are an amateur or professional footballer looking for Income Protection cover, call one of Lifebroker’s qualified insurance consultants today on 13 54 33 to find out more about the personal insurance options available to you.

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