Life Insurance Consultants: Lifebroker's Role

What is the role of a Lifebroker consultant?

As an insurance consultant for one of Australia’s leading life insurance brokers, our consultants work hard to find the right product for you.

Anyone can sell you a cheap insurance product. But not everyone will take the time to find a product that is suitable to your needs, as well as the needs for those dependent on you.

We are not wholly-owned, employed, or controlled by any insurance company or large financial institution, so you can trust that we don’t unfairly quote one company over another. We will also provide you with the most comprehensive quotes, at the lowest price available to you.

We specialise in the comparison of personal risk products. This is all we do.

There are too many options, and life insurance is too important, to go to anyone but a specialist. You don't call a handyman for an electrical fault, so why use a jack of all trades for something as crucial as life insurance?

We know that there are lots of competitors out there, but as we are one of Australia's leading insurance brokers we can assure you that we have a very large knowledge base. All of our consultants share this knowledge base and are qualified to pass this information on to you.

We strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients possible. We will answer any queries immediately. We take the business seriously. There’s no mucking around when it comes to protecting your life.

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