Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection insurance is a combined product that provides you with both lump sum death cover, and monthly income replacement if you are unable to work due to disability. In the event of a claim payments are made directly to you, not to your bank.

We can access policies that provide up to 4 months cover in the event of involuntary redundancy.

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First Name Gender
Surname  Smoker Status
Date of Birth (select 'Smoker' if you smoked in the last 12 months)
Occupation (start typing to see a list of available occupations)

Note:Insurance can only be provided to permanent residents of Australia, or those people in the application process for permanent residency.

Privacy: Please note you are required to submit personal details in order to obtain a quote. We operate under the National Privacy Principles; your information is used only for the purpose of generating quotes. We never pass your details onto third parties; our full privacy policy is here.

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